Our Personnel


Our personnel are among the top leaders in the United States on transition and employment services for students with disabilities. 

Dr. Lisa B. Jester 

Certified Educational Leadership

Certified Employment Support Professional

Treasurer Florida Council for Exceptional Children

President-CEC Division of Career Development and  Transition Florida Division

Exceptional Education teacher with 11 years teaching experience

Ms. Kim Pavlonnis. M. Ed.

National Board Certified Teacher

Reading Endorsed Educator

Florida Council for Exceptional Children Local Chapter #155

Ms. Alice M. Jester

Certified Para-educator

CPR/First Aid Certified

Florida Council for Exceptional Children, Student representative

Heather Kestner, M. Ed


Sean J. Creagh 

Communication and Public Outreach Director , Sean believes in a strong work ethic, elegance in design and execution
and collaboration in performance.  He also consults, with a focus on organizational development and management;
In short, maintain focus on the continual pursuit of new ideas and learning best practices.