About Us

The Florida Institute for Community Inclusion

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Central Florida Institute for Community Inclusion is to provide secondary education and transition services as well as post-secondary education options for individuals with unique abilities and to improve and develop their unique capabilities. These services include but are not limited to, education, training, and
    activities designed to prepare students with unique abilities for post-secondary options including college, careers and active community engagement.

    We partner with local businesses and manufacturers to train individuals with unique abilities for specific jobs, re-train individuals for new tasks, mentor employed individuals, and provide job coaching.

    • In doing so, we promote the understanding of and critical reflection on the needs, issues, questions, practices, and institutions providing such services through operations such as classes, seminars, and individual consulting;
    • We encourage scholarship and research in the field of community inclusion;
    • We stimulate effective instruction for individuals with unique abilities.
    • In addition, we will promote publications in the field of post-secondary educational opportunities for individuals with unique abilities; serving the professional interests of members as students, teachers, and the community; and lastly,

We foster communication and exchange among all stakeholders to enhance the public’s understanding of community inclusion.